Emily.... Freshly styled and booked!

17-Feb-2013 Melissa E says: I love Emily's online scheduling. I have booked all of my appointments for a full year! I work on the other side of town and often have to schedule late evening times on days when I need and want to be home the family. Got smart, thanks to Emily's brilliant entrepreneur skills, and have pre-booked to get the best day and time for me. Also, I had a recent cut and absolutely LOVE it!. I couldn't decide what sytle I wanted so I went day to day with my long hair up in clips every day for nearly six months (felt longer than that though) until I decided to leave the decision up to Emily. Once again, she "wowed" me and just can't say how happy and relieved I am to have Emily as my stylist. YOU ROCK EMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!